The BRUNNER SMART I/O is a high-speed Ethernet to CANopen gateway that allows the connection of BRUNNER CLS products to the host computer via Ethernet. On top of that it provides Digital Input and Outputs for connecting Flight Stick Buttons, Encoders etc. Ethernet is the preferred communication interface for professional applications and CLS networks with more than two products (e.g. pilot/co-pilot setups). Further it can be used for any industrial application for connecting CANopen Networks to LAN.

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The SMART I/O offers easy connection of any CANopen network to Ethernet communication for BRUNNER Simulation products or any industrial application.

It provides easy and flexible access to CAN networks via a PC. With two high-speed CAN connectors, the device can be daisy chained in your CANopen network.

The device supports up to 50 switches or buttons, 4 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs, and 2 rotary encoders. This allows the easy connection of Flightstick or Throttle / Collective Grips even with complex functionality.

All I/O ports can be accessed over CAN or the USB game controller interface for easy mapping in any configuration.

The device communicates with an ASCII protocol over a standard TCP/IP socket. In addition, the SMART I/O offers USB to CANopen gateway functionality, eliminating the need for driver installation as the device shows up as a USB HID game controller. It can handle up to 100% CAN-bus load via Ethernet, making it ideal for data-intensive applications.

The device can be powered over PoE (Power over Ethernet), USB or external power supply and can be easily configured using the web interface or the BRUNNER CANopen Commander Software. Its robust industrial design and snap-on mounting possibility on various top hat DIN rails allow for fast mounting and connection.



10/100 Mbit/s, with auto crossover detection

Web Server

Multi Socket Server


USB 1.1 & 2.0


DHCP or fixed IP-Address


2 incremental encoders

CAN 2.0 A / B

ISO 11898, galvanically decoupled, Sustained 100% CAN bus load over Ethernet


Power over Ethernet (PoE), USB or by external Power Supply

Inpus & Outputs

50 digital inputs (Open Drain) | 4 digital outputs | 4 analog inputs


2 years

Swiss Made

Engineered and manufactured
in Switzerland