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This CLS-E MK II Yoke is unmatched in its class, supporting both single and dual pilot applications. Its unique real-time yoke synchronization logic enables unmatched and automatic pilot/co-pilot take-over functionality. Additionally, the CLS-E MK II simulates and represents various functions such as autopilot and trim. It also allows for easy and fast installation and setup through real Plug-and-Play capability. The CLS-E MK II Yoke is a perfect match for ambitious private pilots who are looking for a desktop solution, especially when combined with the CLS-E Rudder.

The CLS-E NG Yoke is suitable for use in enthusiast applications, as well as in new or existing cockpit training environments. It is a high-quality product with excellent fidelity and durability, available at an affordable entry-level price. The yoke handle design, which is similar to that of a Beechcraft, is compact and sophisticated, providing optimum training value. Thanks to the CLS2Sim software-environment, the CLS-E NG Yoke communicates seamlessly with commercially available simulation software.