DirectX Force Feedback is now available on all BRUNNER Force Feedback devices, revolutionizing the way you experience gaming. Whether you’re using a BRUNNER Flight Sim Joystick, Yoke, or Rudder, you can now enjoy the power of Force Feedback technology like never before. One of the major advantages of this development is the compatibility it offers with the most common Flight Simulator games. Whether you’re piloting a virtual aircraft or engaging in thrilling aerial combat.



DirectX FFB is a game-changer for developers and gamers alike. Imagine the thrill of feeling the vibrations of a turbulent takeoff, the resistance of pulling back on a control yoke during a steep climb, or the precise feedback when maneuvering through challenging flight conditions. DirectX FFB enables game developers to synchronize haptic feedback with on-screen action, bringing a whole new level of realism and immersion to your gaming sessions with all BRUNNER Flight Sim devices.


Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated flight simulator enthusiast, the availability of DirectX FFB on BRUNNER Force Feedback Devices opens up a world of possibilities. Get ready to feel every twist, turn, and impact as you embark on virtual adventures like never before. BRUNNER remains committed to providing cutting-edge technology and enhancing your gaming experiences, and DirectX FFB is just one more way we’re bringing innovation to your fingertips.

Upgrade your BRUNNER device today, activate DirectX FFB, and get ready to redefine your gaming experience with the power of Force Feedback technology. The future of immersive gaming has arrived.

Flight Simulator Joystick

Using a BRUNNER  flight simulator joystick with force feedback can help pilots improve their skills, as it allows for more precise control over the aircraft and helps them to develop a better understanding of the forces and movements involved in flight. 

It also provides a more immersive experience for aviation enthusiasts who enjoy simulating the experience of flying different types of aircraft.

If you want to fly like a pro, you need a BRUNNER Force Feedback Joystick.

Flight Simulator Yoke

A BRUNNER flight simulator yoke with force feedback is a specialized input device that provides a more realistic simulation of aircraft controls. The yoke resembles the steering wheel of an aircraft and is used to control pitch and roll.

Force feedback technology adds physical resistance to the yoke movements, providing tactile cues that simulate the sensations of flying an aircraft.

It is also be a valuable tool for aviation enthusiasts who enjoy simulating the experience of flying different types of aircraft.

Rudder pedals

The BRUNNER CLS-E Rudder pedals are a type of specialized input device used by aviation enthusiasts and pilots in flight simulation. The rudder pedals resemble the foot pedals found in aircraft and are used to control yaw, or the rotation of the aircraft around its vertical axis.

CLS rudder pedals are designed to provide a realistic simulation of aircraft controls, offering precision control and smooth, responsive movements. They are often used in combination with other flight simulation input devices, such as a yoke or joystick, to provide a comprehensive simulation of the aircraft’s controls.

BRUNNER Simulation

Brunner Force Feedback control loading system

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